It wanted revisit the classic radiator in cast iron .Has been designed with ceramics, smooth, following the line of the old, but softening it all,like a blanket wrapping the radietor. using the plastic characteristics of the material, making the thermo charming decor to the eye and pleasant to the touch.

prototyping with 3D printing


The project idea was born from the intention to create a new exhibitor for bread self, intuitive, fun, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The name “Molino” wants to be a clear reference to the history and tradition, to that magical place where the bread was made and manufactured. At first sight the project immediately brings to mind the typical wheel present in the mills with which the customer must get in touch to make their own bread and treat yourself to the pleasure of a fun trip into the past. Aware that the bread is not just a product but a good unique and essential that accompanies our everyday life, “Molino” refuses to be a distributor aseptic and impersonal. His intention, in fact, is to create an experience through which the customer seems to be the figure of a baker who chooses and takes his bread with the shovel and places it in the wheel of the “Molino” for bagging and weigh it.



Alpi SPA Workshop with Matteo Ragni, provided by Alpi SPA. The project aimed to highlight and experiment the various features of the ALPI wood, in particular its flexibility, and to compare it with other typologies of wood, which are much harder and inflexible. This is the basic idea that evolved into “Supple”, a designed object, which can be used as both a lamp and a wall lamp. The peculiarity of this object is that it can be shaped and modified in order to create a game of lights and shadows in a dynamic environment.


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