The project shows how each material with the passage of time loses quality.The pourpose of that,it ‘s to underline the material potential as tone, smells and textures of natural wood.


I choose birch wood for its light tone that makes space bright and welcome.Corian that has the same technical features of stone but it can be flexible because it is plastic material.Pholish and dark resin flooring allows to all the furnitures to come out because they are reflected.Furnishing is made from geometric and repeated shapes.White decoration to make all the space brighter.



The project was commissioned in order to optimise an apartment based in the Umbrian countryside. The site is based in the Umbria valley’s south-east side, in a roman village. The house’s concept is a revising traditional Nordic one; for example if we analise the living room , the  ceiling’s wood and for the sauna as well, give the typical nordic sign. The floor is made of white marble and dark wood. The bathroom is refurbhised with wooden partition and marble flooring.



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