I was born in 1991 and I grew up in a small village in Italy, Trevi, immersed in the hills of Umbria.

After finishing high school, I felt the need to cultivate more my artistic side. This is why I undertook a Design degree. During this period, I understood what it means designing and projecting. Combining functionality with beauty is not enough, every project is different and need to be planned and designed following specific rules, which is very challenging in this field. Back then, my source of inspiration was the beautiful Italian scenery in which I grew up, so I decided to enlarge my knowledge and perspectives moving to London, a melting pot of cultures, traditions, languages and styles, in order to absorb influences from all over the world that converge in this city. There I worked for Helen Reed, an interior design studio in Chelsea, specialised in creating luxury environments. This gave me the possibility to work alongside a brilliant and professional team that every day helped me grow as a designer and as a professional. In my free time, I could practice and improve my skills as a freelancer, interacting and cooperating with my client portfolio. Still young but eager to feed my hunger for designing, I decided to look for a more challenging position. In Kenza design in Hertfordshire, I found someone who decided to invest in my professional figure, putting me in first line and making me feel important. It was great being able to take decisions about how to plan our projects, while managing the social network side of the company. Satisfied of my experience in London, I wanted to find something that would make me even more qualified as a designer. An International experience.

In 2017 I had the possibility to take part to a project by Boano Prismontas for the Fuori salone, during the Milano Design Week. Quibox was a charity project for columbian natives. Our project was very much appreciated by the public of the exibition, infact it was selected by Archidaily magazine as one of the best buildings of the 2018. My ambition and my tireless desire for understanding different kind of people and lifestyles brought me in China. In 思瞰创意设计Studio I could learn a different way of projecting, know different cultures and traditions and discover the great and beautiful country that is China.

Never stop designing, never stop being hungry for knowledge, never stop my creative mind.